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Philips Sonicare EasyClean Electric Toothbrush Winner

The winner of the Philips Sonicare EasyClean Electric Toothbrush is…

Kathryn Brandt

Kathryn has just won the ultimate toothbrush for whiter teeth! The unique dynamic cleaning action of the Philips Sonicare electric toothbrush gently and effectively reaches deep between teeth and along the gumline.

For those of you that didn’t win, you will get another chance. We will be holding another contest soon. Also, you may go to Bolivar Family Dental and purchase your very own Philips Sonicare EasyClean Electric Toothbrush.


At What Age Should Children Have Their First Dental Visit?

children to brush his teethAccording to the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry, children should have their first dental checkup sometime after their first tooth appears and no later than their first birthday. Most children get their first tooth around six months of age, though some children may get their teeth sooner or later.

Yet, a 2009 study conducted by Morpace, Inc. reported that the average age at which American children visit the dentist for the first time is actually 2.6 years old—well over the recommended one year. The parents surveyed gave several reasons why they waited so long, including that their child “doesn’t have enough teeth yet” or that their child was “too young.”

These findings demonstrate that parents often do not understand how important dental care is for the very young. While children do eventually lose their baby teeth and get a new set, there are several reasons why it is essential for parents to make sure to take care of their children’s teeth from a very young age.

  1. Early dental care helps children form good dental habits: If parents help their children brush from the time their very first teeth come in, brushing will become second nature by the time the children are old enough to brush their teeth by themselves.
  2. Baby teeth save the places for permanent teeth: If the baby teeth rot, fall out or crowd each other, it can affect the position of the permanent teeth when they come in.
  3. Baby teeth help with speech development: The front teeth are crucial for making some sounds, including the “s” sound and the “th” sound.
  4. Baby teeth are essential for eating: Children need their teeth to eat and get the nutrients their bodies need to be healthy. If their teeth hurt or are not very strong, it can affect their eating habits.

Dental care is not just about filling cavities or getting braces. Good dental care helps prevent future problems and helps keep children healthy. If your child is past due for his or her first visit, contact Bolivar Family Dental today at (417) 777-8654.


The Origins of the Modern Toothbrush

Sonicare-ToothbrushDespite the fact that most people brush their teeth the recommended twice a day, many people do not ever stop to think about how the modern day toothbrush came into existence.

Toothbrushes have been around since at least 3500 B.C., when they were used by the Egyptians and Babylonians. Back then, toothbrushes were not like the toothbrushes that are sold today. Instead, they were simply sticks that people would chew on until the sticks broke down and formed a brush on one end and a toothpick on the other end.

In the late 15th century, the Chinese updated the toothbrush by taking the hairs of the Siberian wild boar and combining them with bamboo sticks to make the first bristle type toothbrush. While this new toothbrush design was better able to clean peoples’ teeth, the boar hair was very rough on peoples’ gums. As a solution, some people started making toothbrushes with horse’s hair instead. Horse hair was expensive, however, so the boar hair toothbrush remained the most popular for quite a while.

The toothbrush experienced another major reinvention around 1780 when William Addis invented a toothbrush made of bone and bristles. Addis created his toothbrush by drilling small holes in a cattle bone, tying fibers from wild pigs in bunches, pushing the fibers through the small holes in the bone and gluing them in place.

The toothbrush continued to see improvements as the years passed. During World War I, companies began manufacturing toothbrushes with Celluloid handles. In 1937, Wallace H. Carothers created nylon, which was soon used for toothbrush bristles and which is still used to make toothbrush bristles today.

This month Bolivar Family Dental in Bolivar, Missouri is celebrating the modern toothbrush by giving away the number one recommended toothbrush by dental professionals worldwide: the Philips Sonicare EasyClean Toothbrush. This toothbrush, which is valued at $95, is sure to make for one very clean mouth and happy smile—no pig hair needed.

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5 Clear Advantages of Using an Electric Toothbrush Over a Manual One

electric toothbrush with toothpasteWith all the thousands of decisions you make in a day, the choice of which toothbrush to use probably does not even cross your radar. Most people simply choose one in a color they like, figuring all toothbrushes are the same. As it turns out, it does matter which type of toothbrush you buy. Here are six compelling reasons why you should switch to an electric toothbrush today.

1. Electric Toothbrushes Clean More Thoroughly
With their unique brush shape and spinning motion, electric toothbrushes clean your teeth more thoroughly than you probably do with your manual toothbrush and back-and-forth motion. Electric toothbrushes’ battery power makes them effective at reaching bacteria hidden between your teeth and at scrubbing your teeth’s surface stains.

2. You Are More Likely to Brush Long Enough
While some people sing a song or use a timer to make sure they brush their teeth for the recommended two minutes, most people just give their mouths a quick once-over that leaves plenty of bacteria hanging around. Many electric toothbrushes come with timers that let you know when your two minutes is up.

3. Electronic Toothbrushes Make Brushing Teeth Easier
Some people, such as small children and the elderly, may have difficulty with the coordination tooth brushing requires. With an electric toothbrush, you simply have to hold the toothbrush handle, which is wider than a traditional toothbrush handle, and let the toothbrush do all the work.

4. The Use of Electric Toothbrushes Leads to Better Long Term Dental Health
Studies have shown that people who consistently use electric toothbrushes as opposed to manual ones see a greater reduction in plaque and gingivitis. Plus, the fact that they clean better means fewer cavities and fewer trips to your Bolivar, MO dentist.

5. Electronic Toothbrushes are Cool
Today’s generation is obsessed with the latest electronics. Why not extend that obsession to toothbrushes as well? If an electric toothbrush is what it takes to get small children and teens to practice good oral hygiene, then they are worth every penny.

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It’s not too late to have your teeth whitened before the holidays.

A nice couple by the beach.Many people may be assuming that it is too late to have their teeth whitened before the holidays roll around, believing that it is a long process that requires a substantial investment of time in a clinical setting. Today’s advanced whitening procedures are fast and simple, delivering immediate results that are long-lasting. Despite your busy schedule involving dinner parties and other holiday events, there is plenty of time and plenty of reasons to have your teeth whitened before facing friends and family during the holiday season.

The Potential for Change
Looking your very best is at its most important during this time of year. You will be meeting new people as well as catching up with old acquaintances. A large number of people also schedule visits with family that they rarely see throughout the year, making this the ideal time to finally commit to a teeth whitening treatment that a Bolivar MO dentist can provide. Your level of confidence will improve as your teeth become whiter, allowing you to feel more like yourself throughout the festivities and be more successful when it comes to spreading the holiday cheer.

A Refined Process
Teeth whitening procedures carried out in a professional setting are capable of whitening teeth by at least eight shades, giving your smile the radiance it deserves. This increase in your teeth brilliance is possible in just one treatment with results that are noticeable after only an hour. Scheduling an appointment takes very little time; however, the results will improve life for months after the procedure. The process is completely free of pain, and there are no requirements once you leave the office or restrictions on the types of food and drinks that you can consume. Only three applications for a period of 15 minutes will allow you to have the smile of which you have always dreamed. Improving this vital element of your appearance for the holidays has never been more simple. Contacting Bolivar Family Dental today can allow you to get more information and plan for a stunning smile that will brighten the holidays like never before.

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Oral Health Tips for Expecting Mothers

PregnancyDuring pregnancy, an expectant mother’s body undergoes many changes as her baby develops. For many women, one of the most noted changes is in their oral health. Fluctuating hormones, morning sickness and pregnancy cravings can all lead to a need for increased vigilance when it comes to an expectant mother’s oral hygiene routine. Here are the top oral health tips for expectant mothers to follow that will prevent oral health problems while also contributing to a safer pregnancy.

Choose Healthy Snacks and Hydrate
Throughout pregnancy, many women experience increased hunger along with cravings for specific foods. Although a sweet treat is usually okay every now and then, it is important to try to limit sugary snacks between meals. Additionally, drinking plenty of water will help to rinse out the sugar that causes tooth decay while also helping to eliminate the acids that accompany pregnancy-related heartburn and nausea.

Know the Signs of Gum Disease
Gum disease is not only detrimental for a woman’s teeth and gums, but it has also been linked to premature labor and low birth-weight in babies born to mothers with a history of periodontal problems. For this reason, expectant mothers should keep an eye out for signs of gum disease such as redness, gums that pull away from teeth or excessive bleeding. Any time these signs are seen, an expectant mother should schedule an exam with their dentist.

Keep Up with Dental Visits
Most oral health problems can be prevented and maintained through regular dental visits. During routine exams and cleanings, a dentist will carefully check an expectant mother’s teeth and gums to identify if there is a need for further treatment. When scheduling a dental appointment, it is important for pregnant women to inform their Bolivar dentist about their pregnancy. While x-rays and most dental treatments are safe for pregnancy, it is always best for a woman’s dentist to know so they can take additional safety precautions and ensure their patient’s comfort.

In addition to eating a healthy diet and visiting her obstetrician, an expectant mother can optimize her chances of a healthy pregnancy and delivery by taking care of her oral health. By sticking to a regular at-home routine of toothbrushing and flossing while also scheduling regular visits with their dentist, every expectant mother can enjoy a healthy smile while knowing they have taken the appropriate measures to safeguard their baby’s future health.

Dr. GonzalesCall Bolivar Family Dental at (417) 777-8654 to schedule a consultation.

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Does your child play sports? Here are some tips for helping your little athlete keep his or her perfect smile.

Custom Mouth Guards for Kids in Sports

If you’re like many parents, you’re likely to have a child who is involved sports. While there are many positives that come with taking part in athletics, there are always risks as well, regardless of the sport. Contact sports in particular can lead to injuries and you want to do everything you possibly can to protect your child from potential harm. Don’t overlook that healthy set of teeth. Be sure to take precautions to keep your child’s pearly whites shining bright and intact.

Use a Mouth Guard: A Must in Contact Sports
When it comes to contact sports, like hockey, martial arts, and football, you definitely want to invest in a mouth guard. You have several options. Stock mouth guards and mouth-formed protectors are available in the sporting goods department. These are less expensive options and aren’t tailored to fit your child’s mouth. For the best precision and quality, your best bet is to have a custom-made mouth guard that can be purchased from Bolivar Family Dental. Your child’s smile is worth the investment when you save a trip to the dentist for repair work. Bear in mind that mouth guards are recommended for other sports as well. Baseball, basketball, and soccer can result in accidental blows to the mouth. Follow the old saying, ‘Rather be safe than sorry,’ and consider a mouth guard for any activity that could result in facial injuries.

Remove ‘Swimmer’s Calculus': The Unknown Hazard of Swim Team: 
You won’t need to worry about injuries to the mouth if your child is involved in swim team. However, ‘swimmer’s calculus’ is a concern. If your child is in the pool for an extended period of time on a daily basis, you may begin to see an unsightly staining on your child’s teeth. The yellowish-brown discoloration is due to exposure to the chemicals in the pool. Take a trip to Bolivar Family Dental to have a thorough cleaning.

Call Bolivar Family Dental at (417) 777-8654 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Gonzales. Dr. Paul would be proud to give you the smile of your dreams.

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Tips for Healthy Smiles at Halloween

Halloween CandyHalloween is a time when children across the nation are showered with their favorite candy treats. Most households provide the trick-or-treaters with chocolate candy, which is the most popular type of Halloween offering. Because the sweet intake is increased over 75 percent in one night, it is important for parents to incorporate healthy dental habits during this sugar-filled holiday season. The following are tips on maintaining a healthy smile at Halloween:

Rinse With Water
One of the best ways to remove harmful sugars is to drink water immediately upon eating sweets. The water will not only clear some of the sugar residue from the tooth’s enamel, but also it will prompt saliva production, which will help to eliminate even more sugar.

Brush and Floss Before Bed
Most of the harmful mouth bacteria accumulates and attacks after a person falls asleep. Therefore, it is important for a child to brush the teeth and floss before going to bed. Using a toothpaste that continues to fight plaque overnight is a recommended option.

Give out Sugar Free Sweets
Children have a wide variety of sugar-free options for treats. Any household members who are participating in handing candy to children can search for sugar free options. Additionally, such members can offer their own children sugar-free sweets as well.

Visit the Dentist
One option that many households do not consider is visiting a local dentist before or after Halloween. The dentist can perform tests to measure the health of a person’s teeth. He or she will also be able to administer treatment that can prevent further decay. A dentist may perform a full tooth cleaning, apply fluoride to the teeth, place polish on the teeth, or in the worst cases, place a filling into a tooth that has a problem.

A family that visits the dentist frequently has the best chance of making it through many Halloweens with no tooth enamel violations. The recommended amount of dental visits is four per year for regular cleanings, and every time the slightest symptom or problem occurs.

Dr. GonzalesCall Bolivar Family Dental at (417) 777-8654 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Gonzales. Dr. Paul would be proud to give you the smile of your dreams.

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How Invisalign Invisible Braces Straighten Teeth

invisalign-comparisonFor those that do not want traditional metal braces, the Invisalign system is a great option. It involves a series of clear teeth aligners that slowly shift the teeth until they reach the ideal position. So if you are considering getting this orthodontic treatment or just want to learn more, here is a guide to how invisalign invisible braces straighten teeth.

1. A Model is Created
The first step to getting Invisalign braces is to have your dentist make impressions of your teeth. These are put through a CT scan to create a 3D model of your mouth. Your dentist will also take x-rays and photographs of your teeth.

2. Final Position is Prescribed
Your doctor sends in all of the models and photographs to Invisalign. The teeth are individualized and placed into a final position. Their computer software then simulates how the teeth would move from their current position to the final position through several stages. These stages and final position are then sent to your orthodontist to review and approve.

3. Aligners are Created
Once approved by your orthodontist, the aligners are created from a plastic resin. One aligner is created for each stage of adjustment. These are then shipped directly to your orthodontist’s office.

4. Attachments are Added
Sometimes, your orthodontist may need to add attachments to your teeth to ensure that they move or rotate properly. These attachments are made of a composite and are the same color as your teeth.

5. Aligners are Worn
Now you are ready to wear your invisible braces. Each set of aligners is typically worn for about two weeks. The retainers are removable and must be taken out each time you eat or brush your teeth. They should be worn for 20 to 22 hours per day, however. The average treatment time to reach your perfect smile with Invisalign invisible braces is one year. This will vary according to the complexity of the treatment, however.

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Is it Time for a Smile Makeover?

perfect smileHave you looked into the mirror lately and are just not impressed with your smile? Fortunately, there are techniques and treatments that can give you that million dollar smile without costing a million dollars. Here are some of them:

A crown is a prosthetic that covers a tooth. If the tooth is a front tooth, a porcelain crown can be made that’s indistinguishable from the rest of your teeth. First, the old tooth is reduced in size, and an impression is made which is sent to a lab. Then, the crown is made and cemented to the tooth.

Bonding is used if there are cracks or chips in the tooth. It’s also good if the tooth is badly stained. First, the tooth is etched to make a rough surface for the bonding agent to adhere to. Then, a resin is applied and polished smooth.

These appliances can replace one or more of your missing teeth. A bridge is fixed between two of your real teeth.

Veneers are very thin shells of porcelain that are bonded to a tooth that is misshapen, cracked or badly stained. As with bonding, the tooth is etched and the veneer is placed. A special light cures the bonding agent.

Dentures can be full or partial and are applied to replace missing teeth.

Dental Implants
These are crowns that are placed on anchors. A titanium post is inserted in the jawbone. The bone is allowed to grow around it, then a crown is placed on it.

Invisalign Clear Braces
These are braces that correct the bite with the use of invisible trays. They have an advantage over braces in that they can be taken out when you eat or perform oral hygiene.

Zoom In-Office Whitening
You can whiten your own teeth at home, but this can be tricky. During in-office whitening, a dentist knows exactly how much whitening to apply and the procedure is painless and has no bad side effects.

Smile Makeover in Bolivar, Missouri
If you think any of these treatments are for you, contact a trusted dentist for a consultation. Do you live in the Bolivar, Missouri area? Call Bolivar Family Dental as (417) 777-8654 to schedule a consultation with Dr. Paul Gonzales. Dr. Paul would be proud to give you the smile of your dreams.

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